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Pet Euthanasia Cost

How Much Does Pet Euthanasia Cost?

low costPerformed at a Veterinarian's Office: $50-$100average costAt-Home Euthanasia: $295-$400high costAftercare, Including Cremation: $400-$800
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Pet euthanasia is a planned death, usually by painless injection. Owners may choose euthanasia for pets that have reached the end of a comfortable, happy life, have physical problems for which the treatment is too expensive, or are vicious or otherwise unmanageable.

Typical costs:

  • Euthanasia performed in a veterinary office costs between $50 and $100.
  • At-home euthanasia, when the veterinarian comes to the home to perform the euthanasia, costs between $295 and $400.
  • Euthanasia that includes aftercare, or transporting the pet's remains to a facility for cremation and with the ashes either scattered or returned in an urn, costs between $400 and $800.
  • Price depends on the size of the pet, what is included and the availability of the service in the region.
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What should be included:
  • The veterinarian may first administer a tranquilizer to relax the pet before injecting a death-inducing drug. The dog or cat will then become unconscious as the drug stops its brain function.
  • Euthanasia is a medical procedure and has traditionally been performed at a veterinarian's office. The owner may choose to be present to be present during the procedure.
  • At-home euthanasia is an increasingly popular option. It is considered a more comfortable passing for the pet because the pet's last moments are spent in a familiar place. The procedure may precede or follow a celebration of life ceremony.
  • There are a few considerations before going through with euthanasia[1] , such as whether to be present and whether to sedate the pet.
Additional costs:
  • The pet's remains may be buried in the backyard for free or at a pet cemetery for between $500 and $730. Cats and small dogs cost less and burial for large dogs typically costs more. Caskets range from $90 to $145.
  • The pet's remains may be cremated, either by itself of as part of a group . Group cremation, in which the pet's remains are cremated with several other pets costs about $125. Individual cremation costs about $285. For more information, see How Much Does Pet Cremation Cost.
  • Once cremated, a pet's ashes can be scattered or placed in an urn or decorative vase.[2] , for example, makes urns that cost between $25 and $200 and come in wood, ceramic and metal varieties.
  • Quirkier options for the pet's remains include a ceremonial balloon ash disposal, offered by Eternal Ascent[3] for $250. The ashes are put in a balloon that is then filled with helium; the family would let the balloon into the sky wherever they want the ashes to be scattered.
Shopping for pet euthanasia:
  • Consider the grief involved in putting an animal to sleep, especially for a child. Have a solid reasoning behind why the pet must be put down, and be ready to explain the reasoning to children who are close to the pet.
  • Home burials may be prohibited by the local government, so check city codes before doing so.
  • InHomePetEuthanasia is a directory of in-home pet euthanasia providers[4] .
  • The American Veterinary Medicine Association has a vet finder[5] tool.
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What People Are Paying - Recent Comments
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: HEARTBROKEN FOR TABBY in JACKSON, NJ.Posted: September 7th, 2017 06:09AM
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Beloved Coolio's Ascension
Amount: $50.00
Posted by: April Wood in Anaheim, CA.Posted: May 16th, 2017 06:05PM
Where performed: GOLDEN STATE HUMANEAftercare: CHOSE to return home, $0
We are the 2nd family generation to highly recommend this clinic, so their reputation contiues to serve our community with sincere love & care. Our 4th "End of Life" assistance visit was today, and they again make it as compassionate as possible. They do NOT allow visitation at the moment of injection, but in the exam room before and back-door exit after, works. I was absent from my beloved 13 yr old kitty's presence for 5 -
10 minutes only, and immediately drove across the street to Walmart parking lot after, to quietly meditate awhile, with a peaceful sense of Coolio's presence. He was now free of cancer and many physical difficulties. Tonight, we'll have a family service, in our home and garden, that he loved so much, where we will lie his lovely body to rest. We are forever grateful to GOLDEN STATE HUMANE's generous staff (Gilbert/Chapman, Garden Grove, CA)forever keeping their focus on real-world CARE, 4the masses, not greed, as so
many vets have succumb. God Bless them,DONATE
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Low Cost Euthanasia at our local Humane Society
Amount: $60.00
Posted by: Consumer in San Diego in San Diego, CA.Posted: May 14th, 2017 11:05PM
Where performed: San Diego Humane SocietyAftercare: Group cremation
I looked into in-home euthanasia services, our personal vet, and the Humane Society (where my last dog was euthanized) for current rates as my 12.5 year old dog can no longer stand or walk, even with arthritis pain medications and supplements. The Humane Society in my town charges only $40 for dogs or cats (but the owner can not be present) and the group cremation rate for a 60 pound dog is $20. They offered the most reasonable rates in my area. I suggest you check your local humane society to see if they offer a similar low cost service. Our personal vet would charge $70 to euthanize and $75 for mass cremation. I might choose to euthanize him at our vet so i can be present then take his body to the Humane Society for their cremation service but haven't decided yet.
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Dog euthanasia and individual cremation
Amount: $500.00
Posted by: a user in Marysville, PA.Posted: May 13th, 2017 06:05PM
Where performed: Animal Hospital of RyeAftercare:
I don't know what the prices were for the individual services. We paid a total of $500 for in office euthanasia. Only one shot was given to our 80 pound chocolate lab. It was very quick and seemingly painless. Our vet was very compassionate. We chose private cremation with the return of his remains. We received a beautiful carved wooden urn with his name engraved on a plaque on the front. We also received a ceramic plaque with his paw print, name, and year. As well as a lovely sympathy note from our vet's office. Many of the staff wrote notes of condolence inside. It was very touching.
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Dog Euthanasia and disposal of the body
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: MayvisBell in Richmond, IL.Posted: April 24th, 2017 02:04PM
Where performed: Richmond veterinary clinicAftercare:
They gave me time with her and gave me a free clay Paw imprint. Its a hard thing to do and they were very respectful and kind.
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Amount: $255.00
Posted by: J. J. & Rick in Vista, CA.Posted: February 6th, 2017 07:02PM
Where performed: Alta Mira (Dr Val) Animal Hosp Vista, CAAftercare: none per quote
I was quoted $255.00 for the mass gassing of my 20 year old cat who's been with me through thick and thin. I have spent some $10,000 to this on just this one of my animals. He has hyperthyroidism and is in chronic pain and hunger. He has lost 2/3 of his once robust 16 pounds though I feed him as much as I can.
This hurts! I can't afford to pay for Euthanasia and can't do it myself. I have three other elderly pets, also. Please give me some suggestions.
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In home euthansia
Amount: $400.00
Posted by: Linda Zabelka in Bloomfield, NJ.Posted: January 1st, 2017 01:01PM
Where performed: At homeAftercare: Brought to crematorium
The vet and her tech who came to our home,were some of the most sensitive, kindest and gentlest people. She didn't rush us, asked us what are favorites memories of our cat were, I'm a vet tech so I knew what would happen. It was so quick, I felt his spirit pass through me, like a gentle puff of air. She had him individually creamated and his ashes in a lovely wooden box. Even sent a card at end of year with a personal note mentioning our favorite memories and his name listed with all the other pets in a paw print. I will use her again, sadly very soon.
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Amount: $188.00
Posted by: Sylvia Sopkiw in Jacksonville, NC.Posted: November 20th, 2016 12:11PM
Where performed: Onslow pet hospitalAftercare: Card
My dog was 17 years, was blind and deaf. He was a chow/ Germany shepherd mixed had a long life. It was time for him to go he could walk and was peeing and pooping in the sunroom. I call the vet and told him what the dog was doing. He told it was time for him to be put down, my dog Rusty was went very peaceful I miss him daily but I know he is not in pain anymore.RIP Rusty.
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Euthanized Cat
Amount: $200.00
Posted by: Emanuel in Springfield, OR.Posted: September 21st, 2016 04:09PM
Where performed: 24 Hour Emergency VetAftercare: None
$100 exam and vitals fee, $100 to Euthanize (+$100 private cremation). Free clay paw print, No charge for immediate pain medication (methadone).
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Pet Eithanasia
Amount: $87.00
Posted by: Army family in Fayetteville, NC.Posted: September 21st, 2016 09:09AM
Where performed: Fayetteville, NCAftercare: 120 for creamation with return of ashes
87.00 for euthanasia and 120.00 for pet cremation with return of ashes!
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Cost for 2 loving chihuahuas
Amount: $135.00
Posted by: a user in Harlan, IA.Posted: September 6th, 2016 11:09AM
Where performed: VetAftercare: Private cremation
2 elderly chihuahuas that were brothers and been with each other for 15+ years. One was 17+ and the other 15+. Not sure exact age as we got them as rescues. Very sad day but we knew we had to as they were both in pain, blind, and could barely eat anymore. Didn't want to drag out their discomfort but at the same time didn't want to let them go.
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euthanasia of a 55lb female canine
Amount: $288.12
Posted by: Caterina in Medford, OR.Posted: August 6th, 2016 06:08PM
Where performed: 24hours pet clinic on Biddle RdAftercare:
Seems like a lot of money for something so easy to perform. The only other time I did this it costs only $10 about 22years ago in Medford. Oregon
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Button put to sleep at home
Amount: $200.00
Posted by: Harry1025 in Orlando, FL.Posted: October 1st, 2015 11:10PM
Where performed: OrlandoAftercare:
18 year old Buttons was put to sleep at her home by her longtime vet, first by injection to cause her to go to sleep, then an injection to stop her heart. It was very peaceful and took only 15 minutes and gave relief to her and her 90 year old owner.
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Difficult Decision
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: Gillian in Portland, OR.Posted: July 24th, 2015 11:07PM
Where performed: Portland , ORAftercare: --
my 22 y/o cat has been tough as nails, sweet as pie, lively & spry until two weeks ago, when she mostly stopped eating. After 3 visits with her vets they determined that although her early-stage kidney failure had worsened just a little, her real problem was a lot of benign liver cysts blocking function f, although they said the part of her liver that was unnaffected was actually pretty healthy. They said that with medication she might get better and live another year, or her liver might be fatally compromised, blocked permanently without surgery(which you just can't do on a 22-y/o 4.3-lb cat). So now she hasn't eaten in almost 2 weeks and is too weak to walk, but she still drinks water, purrs, doesn't seem to be in any pain, and just wants to lie on my chest and sleep. Unless she starts showing signs of pain, I am going to let her die naturally. Animals have chosen their time for 1000's of yrs and vets are a new business. If possible, I will leave it to her and Mother Nature. XOXO
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Amount: $0.00
Posted by: ROBERT DAKELMAN in BYRAM TOWNSHIP, NJ.Posted: July 23rd, 2015 04:07PM
Where performed: njAftercare: -
Your listed price of between $60-100 is in the stone ages. The going rate is $200+ and I cannot afford that. Animal control refused to help and this is a dog that was abandoned here, not mine, not my responsibility. She is elderly, some days I have to drag her because she cannot get up, eats little, incontinent, has caused over $1000 in damages. This is what I get for trying to do a good deed. Am I supposed to find a hunter to take her into the woods and shoot her? HELP!!!!!
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Amount: $200.00
Posted by: Leon Williams in malibu, CA.Posted: June 1st, 2015 05:06PM
Where performed: malibu vet clinicAftercare: none
they lied. they whisked him off and gave shot in another room, was gone before I got to comfort him. will regret that forever.
then vet , L, insisted I comfort HER , in my misery.. crazy..
they didnt treat him right either when he was alive.. no diagnosis, no treatment...
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
Amount: $266.00
Posted by: monique piccus in el cajon ca, CA.Posted: May 25th, 2015 04:05AM
Where performed: VCA animal medical center in el cajon caAftercare:
I went in a few weeks before and had all the paper work done and paid for the procedure.That helped me not have to talk about it and they were very kind but it is still the hardest thing you will ever do also the kindest. My baby was in my arms and she was at peace. She was my best friend for 13yrs that was the least I could do for her.
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Hamster euthanasia
Amount: $86.00
Posted by: a user in Deland, FL.Posted: April 19th, 2015 01:04PM
Where performed: Florida vet hospitalAftercare: Home burial
You would think a hamster wouldn't cost so much. I wish we could have found a humane way to do it ourselves. Euthanasia was supposedly $45, but they tacked on an exam fee for an exam that never happened. I guess it's standard.
Awful experience. Small rodents can't be euthanized with you petting them as they go. They anesthetize them, then stab them on the heart with the needle.
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Cost of Euthanasia and Individual Cremation
Amount: $60.00
Posted by: DanielR in Surrey BC CAN, Other.Posted: April 5th, 2015 01:04PM
Where performed: City Life vet, Surrey, BCAftercare: $195 + tax
$60 for drug, 195 for private cremation, ashes returned in urn
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Amount: $300.00
Posted by: AK in London, OH.Posted: March 26th, 2015 07:03AM
Where performed: London, OhioAftercare:
I have a friend who's wife had a massive stroke. The husband couldn't take care of the 5 cats. He took them to a vet to see if he could find homes and he said he couldn't & would have to put them to sleep. He charged this man $300.00 EACH to put the cats to sleep! This article is quite enlightening.
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Euthanasia of toy poodle by family vet of 25 yrs
Amount: $5.00
Posted by: Momo's Mom in Bicknell, IN.Posted: January 15th, 2015 06:01AM
Where performed: Vets officeAftercare: None
I took her home ,bathed her, wrapped her in a baby shawl, buried her in the back yard and put one red rose on her grave. I couldn't speak her name for 6 months without crying. Now,20 yrs later, I still get a lump in my throat. Never let anyone tell you ''Oh, it's just a dog''
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In-office Dog Euthanasia
Amount: $337.00
Posted by: Marv Solomon in Morristown, NJ.Posted: December 20th, 2014 10:12AM
Where performed: Veterinary Center of Morris CountyAftercare: Simple Cremation
Lucy was a 15-year-old chow-retriever mix, 48 pounds. She had had at least one stroke and was very weak. I carried her into the vet's office and walked her into the room, where the vet had prepared a blanket on the floor. A staff member asked me about body disposal and payment, which shocked me, as we had used this vet for multiple dogs for over 18 years. I don't blame the staffer, who was merely executing a protocol that was abominable. Once the vet came in after what seemed like an interminable wait (probably only a few minutes), all was compassion and competence. He gently addressed Lucy as well as myself and told me what was about to happen. Then he sedated Lucy and allowed me some time with her as she got tired and lay down on the blanket. After a couple of minutes, the vet returned, petted Lucy, found a vein in her front paw, and injected the final dose. Within seconds, she was gone. The vet checked and re-checked her heart with a stethoscope. All is well.
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In vehicle euthanasia, private cremation, clay paw print
Amount: $202.00
Posted by: a user in Chanute, KS.Posted: December 16th, 2014 04:12PM
Where performed: Chanute, KSAftercare: We picked up ashes
My nearly 15 year old lab was 70 pounds. We just moved to this town so we did not have a vet yet. The vet agreed to euthanize our sweet dog in the back of our Jeep, as she laid on her favorite bed, as we did not want her to be distressed by going into a place she had never been before. The vet charged us $55 for the sedation and euthanasia. We drive her
body to another town for private cremation. That place charged us $147, which included a clay paw print and private cremation. We then went the next day to pick up her ashes. Hardest thing I have ever done, hand down. Also, I agree, it happens so fast. We thought she would gradulally drift off and we would have more time for our goodbyes, but it was all so
very fast. Driving her body to the crematorium was actually very comforting, as we had time to let it all sink in and then kiss her sweet face several more times before they took her body. Leaving her there was very difficult. Getting her ashes the next day was comforting.
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Home visit, euthanasia & communal cremation
Amount: $300.00
Posted by: Mary K Swift in Las Vegas, NV.Posted: December 13th, 2014 03:12PM
Where performed: Las VegasAftercare: $185 Vet/$115 Pickup&Cremation(no ashes)
Our experience was very similar to Sharlene's in Anaheim. Our lab (70 lbs.) was almost 15. He was given a sedative (shot) first. We had the convertible couch bed open in the living room. We put him up on the bed, and we all petted and soothed him. The euthanasia is very quick. It was painless and he was surrounded by his family who loved him dearly. Vet and her very capable assistant were excellent. Gentleman who did the pickup was also excellent, very gentle and sympathetic.
He had a happy day, a car ride, a steak. I am so glad we had it done at home. Not that much more expensive and worth every penny.
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Exam, euthanaisa, cremation
Amount: $380.00
Posted by: Yellehsmarie in Northern Ontario, Other.Posted: December 13th, 2014 06:12AM
Where performed: Sudbury Ontario CanadaAftercare: None
Have an older dog (jack russle) that need to put down. Been calling around ti all the local vet, cheapest proces in our area include exam $100, euthanasia $105 and group cremation with no ashes $175
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
Amount: $160.00
Posted by: Crisy in SAN MARCOS, CA.Posted: August 29th, 2014 12:08AM
Where performed: SAN MARCOS, CAAftercare: 28.00
Exam $48, Euthanasia of our Cat Grasshopper $84, Aftercare group cremation $28, total of $160. Location Southern California / San Diego County on 8/28/2014. Tried to take her to our Vet of 15 years and they could not see her for a week. Could not watch her suffer that long and that's if she made it that long. Had to go to a strange Vet, that sucked.
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
Costs of Pet Euthanasia
Amount: $158.00
Posted by: [email protected] in spokane, WA.Posted: July 29th, 2014 01:07PM
Where performed: HomeAftercare:
At home visit with sedative and then the euthanasia. I buried my cat in the backyard. Prices seem to really vary depending on where you live.
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In-Office Euthanasia and Individual Cremation
Amount: $150.00
Posted by: a user in Harrisonburg, VA.Posted: July 12th, 2014 12:07AM
Where performed: Aftercare: Ashes returned in inexpensive container
It looks like I paid a low fee for these services. I opted to have my cat's ashes returned to me but did not purchase an urn, as I plan to spread the ashes.
My vet shaved the cat's rear leg but could not find a vein, so the time delay was a bit distressing, but he went to the other leg and was finally able to make the injection. Because of my cat's illness, her blood pressure was low and her veins were fragile. This wait was much better, however, than having to take her back home and watch her suffer for who knows how long.
My vet did the procedure with one injection. I stayed with my cat so she would feel loved to the very end. She took about three slightly panicked breaths, more likely from not knowing what was happening than from being in any pain. If you've ever had morphine, you know that it burns at first, followed by massive relief. She was gone in less than 10 seconds. I was given a few minutes alone with her afterward. Difficult but worth it.
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
Pet Euthanasia
Amount: $125.00
Posted by: Sharlee Glenn in Anaheim, CA.Posted: May 15th, 2014 12:05PM
Where performed: Anaheim Animal Care & Pet HospitalAftercare: None
My dog was a 19 yr. old Lab/Chow and weighed @69lbs. They took care of the body once he was gone. They were very professional and sympathetic when it came time to do the deed. I decided to stay with my boy, which I didn't think I would be able to do. When they put him to sleep, before the plunger was all the way down, he was already gone. It happens so quick it isn't funny. I thought he was going to fade away and we could sit and pet him while he went. So it was quite a shock that he went so quick. I had never done this before either. All I can say is, if you are having trouble deciding if you can be there or not, I recommend that you stay through the whole thing. Yeah it's going to hurt, but once they are gone and out of all the misery they were in, it ends up being a relief. The way I see it is - he was always there for me, so I should be there for him. I wouldn't want to die alone or with a bunch of strangers, then neither would your pet. Don't worry, it's okay to cry.
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam


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