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Pet Cremation Comments

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Hard saying GoodBye
Amount: $275.00
Posted by: Laddie's Mommy in Perris, CA.Posted: October 16th, 2010 01:10AM
Type of Pet: DogBreed: Lab/mix
Laddie was My life for almost 16 yrs, someone dumped him off and he ended up at my husbands wk.
I would have done anything to save him,My Vet came to the house gave him a shot to relax him then the second shot, My Brother said Laddie looked at him and said thank you, He only had one lung, was hard for him to get up& down,My vet took his body and called us with in a week.
When I pick My Boy up they gave me a ck for 25.00 said I was over charged, I will live with guilt for the rest of my life, weather its for ending his life or waiting as long as I did,
His ashes will be put with mine when I pass on.
We recieved a poem with his name on it & cert and he was in a nice pine box with a lock on it.
I Miss His So Much,I'm Lost With out Him
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Overpriced in New York
Amount: $410.00
Posted by: Disappointed in New York, NY.Posted: September 19th, 2010 02:09PM
Type of Pet: PoodleBreed: Standard
I was quite appalled and angry when I discovered that the $410.00 I was charged by the NYC Veterinary Specialists at 410 West 55th Street was much more than every other place I've heard about in New York. Typically prices seem to run in the $150-$200 area. I really felt ripped off when I found out that other places were about 50% less. Yes, the ashes came in a wooden box instead of a cardboard box that happened with a previous pet, but that box was not of the $150 variety and there was no inscription or plaque.
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rainbow bridge loveland colorado
Amount: $90.00
Posted by: allie in Loveland, CO.Posted: August 25th, 2010 07:08AM
Type of Pet: dogBreed: pug
Our little Buggee came to us w/many health issues, yet despite the max time that she would live (2 yrs) she was a trooper and lived to 11 1/2. Her issues were finally too much for her little body and while we did not recognize the "signs" early (selfishness did not allow us to let her go to her rest) - - we finally made the choice. The vet told us that it would take 3 weeks to get her back ... I could not leave her there, but I had to, right. By Sunday we did an internet search and found Rainbow Bridge an hour from us. We picked up our little Buggee first thing on Monday morning and drove her up to Loveland, Kelly and Lori also had a visitation room, we spend time with her, cut some of her fur, Lori made us a clay pawprint. It was soooo difficult but this process helped in the healing. We brought her home THE SAME DAY. and while her scent has left her pillow, she sits on our mantle with her dish, collar, her favorite sweater in a nice glass case. This is the first time we have ever had to make this decision ... it felt like my heart was ripped out. We have 3 more pugs at home and don't think I am not watching EVERY thing they do or don't do ... Tyson, the oldest, just had a bout with Vertibular Syndrome ... I couldn't handle it - we were rushing to the ER with him! Thank you Rainbow Bridge, Kelly and Lori!
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Private Cremation @ Cooper City Animal Hospital
Amount: $295.00
Posted by: JoAnn Carlisi in Cooper City, FL.Posted: August 23rd, 2010 08:08AM
Type of Pet: DogBreed: Alaskan Malamute
We had to euthanize our beloved 6 1/2 year old Sheba a week ago. She started bleeding from her right nostril and after xrays, they determined the mass was cancer. Since they could not stop the bleeding, we made the heart wreching decision to let her go. We asked for a private creation & after getting back her remains, I was horrified to get back a see through bag (no urn, no box, just a cheap plastic bag). I will get a nice urn for her, but had I known there were going to throw her into a plastic bag, I would have purchased something and brought it w/me. I would never use them again. I feel like they treated her like trash and showed no respect for her remains whatsoever.
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I would recommend Breezy Nook
Amount: $150.00
Posted by: Heartbroken Heidi in MA in Stephentown, NY.Posted: July 29th, 2010 11:07AM
Type of Pet: CatBreed: International Short Hair - from Israel
I had to euthanize my cat Noreen in June. My vet recommended Breezy Nook Pet Crematory in Stephentown New York. My father had his cat cremated there and was very pleased. I can't say enough good things about Georgi and her facility. She treated me like family and gave Noreen the respect she deserved. I drove Noreen to the crematory and was able to send her off with a few mementos. Despite the sad occasion, I was able to say goodbye and be with her to the last minute. I was able to buy a silver pendant at the crematory and Georgi put some of Noreen's ashes in it. Georgi was there for me when I really needed it.
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Private Cremation? I don't think so.
Amount: $125.00
Posted by: Mimi's Mommy in Toledo, OH.Posted: May 12th, 2010 12:05PM
Type of Pet: CatBreed: Tortie
Having our beloved Mimi euthanized was so very sad, but it was clear she was suffering. Our vet's office arranged for private cremation through Paws and Remember Pet Crematory. Though we had had pets cremated previously, we had not heard of this company. When I picked up the ashes I was very disappointed to find out that she was cremated 4 days after she died. Where was she during that time? When I opened the box of ashes I was shocked to find more than a pound of remains. She had wasted away to about 5 pounds at the time of death. Surely there wouldn't be that much left. I think she ended up in a mass cremation with the ashes divided none too carefully. The heartbreak of losing her is made worse by not knowing where her remains really ended up or whose ashes I have along with (hopefully) some of hers.
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Amount: $60.00
Posted by: AbbySadieSimon's Mom in Lebanon, OH.Posted: April 29th, 2010 12:04PM
Type of Pet: CatBreed: Himalayan
Having used the service of pet cremation before, I did not hesitate to contact The Pines Pet Cemetary again in my need. I am so forunate to have this facility that demonstrates compassion and gentleness with a persons sorrow. My beloved Abby and myself were treated with respect and tender care. Although I no longer have my little one by my side I do have her remains (as they perform individual cremation)and clippings of her fur.
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pet cremation
Amount: $200.00
Posted by: Very upset in Phoenix, AZ.Posted: April 26th, 2010 01:04PM
Type of Pet: dogBreed: German Shepherd
I had to have my dog put down on 03-05-2010, and requested a private cremation and the ashes returned to me. After 3 weeks of calling the vet clinic, the box was returned. When I went to spread her ashes, took the baggie out, it was not my dogs name on the bag and the date of cremation was 04-26-07!!! Contacted the vet and long story short they did Not tag my dog properly and she was cremated with a mass cremation. Upon discovering their error, they (the vet staff) put a random dogs ashes that they had in the bag. What a shock. Now I have nothing but more heartache.
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Momma Molly
Amount: $240.00
Posted by: seabeewife in Saucier, MS.Posted: March 10th, 2010 04:03PM
Type of Pet: DogBreed: Boxer
It was time to put our eight year old Boxer to sleep. She has having a hard time getting up and when she would walk she would lose her balance and fall over. I knew it was time. She looked misreable and you could tell in her eyes she didnt know at times where she was. Putting her down was the hardest thing I ever had to do. My husband is gone being in the Military and he didn't get to say his good byes and either did my kid's. I did it while they were at school. I knew if they knew what I was doing they would talk me out of it. I never been so heart broken in my life. the vet checked her out and said that if I didnt do it today I would be back very soon. Her neurological system was shutting down and she had no pupil response. I made the hardest decision ever. I held molly in my arms and told her it would be okay, that I was so sorry and that I love her. It took seconds for her to lay her head down and it was over. I layed on top of her and cried so hard. I couldnt tell her eonugh how sorry I am. I had her cremated through our vet office they use a outside company. I was such a mess I didnt ask questions just paid for it. The next day I collected myself to call the vet to ask questions and they said i get her back in a nice brass box. Today the vet called for me to come get Molly and I was so happy thinking it would give me closure and peace to have her bcack home, and when the receptionist gave me a white gift bag with white tissue paper i was disgusted. Who puts there family member in a gift bag? She wasnt a present she's my dog. I went to my car and cried so hard. The brass container is something so cheap like you would get at a dollar store it even had the made in china sticker on the bottom. I would have paid for something nicer so i am looking for something nice to buy for her. They glued the lid closed so I cant see her. I was disappointed My husband told me to wait till he returns to try to open it. Closure as not what I got just heart ache. I miss my dog.
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Peaceful pet rest
Amount: $170.00
Posted by: lissa in Show Low, AZ.Posted: February 8th, 2010 11:02AM
Type of Pet: DogBreed: Labrador
My dog passed way at cedar ridge vet clinic in snowflake az. I was offered a cremation service by the vet and agreed. The name of the service was peaceful pet rest in show low AZ. My pet was picked up by the owners Darrel and laurie and they called me to pick up my pet in three days. The urn that Cindy came back in is a handmade stoneware urn with two feathers on each side. I have never seen a piece that is so beautiful.In fact I had three other urns from the past, two plastic and one tin and bought there urns to replace my old ones. Darrel asked me if I would like to take a tour and he showed me where the urns are made,then asked me if I wanted to see the crematory. I wasn't sure if I did ,but He told me that it would be okay and it would set me at ease because I asked him a lot of questions when they came to pick my dog up and he could tell I was worried about getting my ashes back. He took me out to where the process is done and was I impressed. He showed me how the cremator worked and what the process entailed.He spent about a hour with me and answered every question that I asked him and even some that I was embarassed to ask. Darrel and his wife are real pet people and have a lot of dogs and horses and ducks of there own and really know what it is to lose a pet and a member of your family. Truly a professional place of business and now a friend. Thanks again
Lisa Gabrilson
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I highly recommend the cremation service and the Animal Emergency & Referral Center of York
Amount: $155.00
Posted by: Dora in York, PA.Posted: February 6th, 2010 05:02PM
Type of Pet: DogBreed: Pug
My little doggie was really sick and had to go to the Animal Emergency & Referral Center of York. This is in Pennsylvania. After running some blood work she was very ill and we decided to put her down. The cremation service they use is called Allied Veterinary Cremations. Our doggie came back in a little wooden carved box. When you opened the box the remains were concealed, there was a little label with her name and a pressed rose. The cremation services also gave us a card that has a beautiful poem (The Rainbow Bridge) and stated the doggies name, owners name and cremation date, ect.. I highly recommend the cremation service and the Animal Emergency & Referral Center of York
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The best pet crematory around.......
Amount: $200.00
Posted by: Allan Spencer in Philadelphia, PA.Posted: December 29th, 2009 07:12AM
Type of Pet: CanineBreed: Lab
We lost our dog Pete just before Thanksgiving. Pete died at home and our vet referred us to a place called the Abbey Glen Pet Memorial Park and Crematory. They sent a very nice fellow to our home and tranported Pete to the crematory. The next day we went to Abbey Glen to say our last goodbye to Pete and to see his cremation take place. The people and the facilities at Abbey Glen were as professional and impressive as any first class funeral home for people. We were amazed that anyone had gone to such lengths to create a place like this for animals. We left with the feeling that we had given Pete the very best send off possible. He deserved nothing less. I would encourage anyone to contact Abbey Glen. They have their places in PA and in NJ.
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Pet Creamtion - Farewell Jazzy
Amount: $175.00
Posted by: Jazzy's Mommy in dumont, NJ.Posted: October 3rd, 2009 06:10PM
Type of Pet: CatBreed: Tabby
We had our beloved Jazzy cremated through our vet at Dumont Animal Hospital using Abbey Glenn Crematory. They were very considerate of our loss providing us with a private room for us to say our goodbyes.
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Max my sweet manman
Amount: $100.00
Posted by: Maxesmommie in Greenville, AL.Posted: July 30th, 2009 06:07PM
Type of Pet: dogBreed: chihuahua
My Max passed away suddenly from what the vet said was heart failure. He was cremated by my vet and I got him back in a zip lock bag and cardboard box.I found a nail and another piece of metal in the that normal??
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our sweet sweet little man zacheus
Amount: $212.00
Posted by: King Zachee in cincinnati, KY.Posted: May 12th, 2009 06:05AM
Type of Pet: toy dogBreed: maltese
My kids beloved little man who went everywhere with them , even church! Suddenly became ill, violently vomiting. The vet said he was negative for parvo and most likely had ingested a part of a rubber toy but it just didnt sound right , he vomited almost pure blood before he breathed his final ragged breath around midnite last night , May 12, 2009.
Northern KY and Cincinnati offers several crematories at 105.00 to 340.00
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Pet Cremation
Amount: $95.00
Posted by: Catherine, Baldwinsville, NY in Syracuse, NY.Posted: February 6th, 2009 06:02AM
Type of Pet: CatBreed: Domestic Long-haired
I was devastated when my Boo passed away one Saturday night. Of course, I couldn't bury him with 3 feet of snow on the ground so I had to put him in my garage. A friend of mine recommended Pet Haven in Syracuse, NY. From the initial phone call, through having to take him to them where they allowed me to spend a last few minutes with him until the time I picked him up, we were treated with dignity and respect. He was cremated privately and was given back to me in a floral tin, with his identification disc attached to the bag.

The price was reasonable and the service was excellent.
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Pet Cremation
Amount: $175.00
Posted by: Peg and Nancy in Pittsfield, MA.Posted: January 2nd, 2009 09:01PM
Type of Pet: Small DogBreed: Terrier Mix
A co-worker recommended Breezy Nook Pet Crematorium in Stephentown, NY, based on her experience cremating her cat. The support received plus single pet cremation relieved her fears and grief. When our dog Nikki died at home after a short illness (after 6 weeks of lab tests, possible diagnoses, several vet hospital visits and $1,000. in bills) we struggled with burying Nikki in her favorite sunny spot), but ground was frozen; we'd have to wait until Spring. We needed closure, to move on. We weren't able to with Nikki stored in a temporary "casket" outside. We contacted Breezy Nook 2 weeks after her death, explained our situation, and were OK with the answers to our questions. We made scheduled arrangements and brought Nikki to Breezy Nook. She was placed in a small dog bed in a private room to say our final farewells. We spent time with her and were ready to proceed. We stayed with Nikki until the crematorium was "ready". We left knowing Nikki would immediately be placed inside. We brought our own urn picking up the remain the next day. We had the option to stay through the cremation process (2 hours) and return later the same day to pick up her remains. I would recommend using this facility, however, the owner's cats constantly tried to get up on furniture to get at Nikki (maybe the dog bed Nikki lay in was their bed). We're not cat friendly nor was Nikki. We'd preferred our intimate, private time alone with Nikki.
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Pet Cremation
Amount: $140.00
Posted by: Melissa in Fort Worth, TX.Posted: November 10th, 2008 03:11PM
Type of Pet: DogBreed: Terrie Mix
My little Angel Suzie got sick and could not be saved. After an $850.00 vet bill I did not know if I could afford the cremation. The vet had a service that did it for $250.00 but I knew I could find it cheaper(she was less than 40 pounds). I found a company called All Paws Go To Heaven and they were very nice and understanding. They picked her up from the vets office(they offer pickup from many locations) and took her back to cremate her. They had a wide selection of Urns and the ones that came with the service, a choice of 4 were beautiful. They treat the animal with the utmost respect when picking them up and cremating them. They have a process that ensures you get your animal and only your animal.....from their website:
While some providers offer the option of privately viewed cremation, we at All Paws Go to Heaven believe that every pet and owner deserve this security without the added trauma of having to view the cremation. In order to ensure that your pet is treated with the utmost care, each and every animal is issued a unique metal identification disc at the time it is received. Your pet's identification disc remains with it throughout the cremation process and is packaged along with the ashes inside of the urn. This is the same process that is required by law in the cremation of humans. We understand that your pet is a member of your family and deserves the very best.

They serve the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex and they are fairly priced and compassionate.
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Pet Cremation
Amount: $90.00
Posted by: Lauren in Phoenixville, PA.Posted: May 23rd, 2008 03:05PM
Type of Pet: CatBreed: Tabby
I got cremation service through my vet - the place is called Pet Memorial Services. They were the cheapest around ($90.00) and yes, you get the ashes back in a nice carved wooden box. They also are reputable and moniter to make sure you get your pet's remains back. (
They are wonderful and affordable!
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Pet Cremation
Amount: $130.00
Posted by: Maggie in Port Saint Lucie, FL.Posted: November 11th, 2007 10:11PM
Type of Pet: CatBreed: domestic
We recently lost our beloved cat Bo-Bo in the middle of the night. Unsure of what to do we found a pet cremation company in our local phone book.
Much to our suprise they answered the phone at 2am. After telling them of our loss they were there in just 30 mins.
We could not believe the caring service we recived during this awful time.
We were also able to be present during the cremation process. That was a big concern that we were getting our pets remains back.
We could not have made it through this without the help of this very caring service.
If ever anyone needs the help of a pet cremation service in Florida be sure to contact.
All Heavenly Creatures Pet Crematory
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