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Dog Teeth Cleaning Cost

How Much Does a Dog Teeth Cleaning Cost?

 average costMedium: $70-$350 
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Regular teeth cleaning at a veterinarian's office -- along with brushing the teeth at home between cleanings -- helps prevent gum disease, which can prevent major health problems such as heart and kidney disease. As in humans, oral health in dogs is linked to overall health.

Typical costs:

  • A dog teeth cleaning typically costs between $70 and $350, depending on whether pre-anesthetic bloodwork is done as well as the difficulty of the job, including the amount of build-up on the teeth and under the gumline and whether periodontal disease is present.
  • The average claims amount submitted for dog teeth cleaning by Veterinary Pet Insurance policyholders is $292.
  • Daily brushing with dog toothpaste, which veterinarians recommend in addition to regular cleanings, costs about $30 to $60 or per year, depending on the size of the dog.[1] offers a guide to brushing a dog's teeth. An alternative is Oravet[2] , a plaque-fighting gel that is painted on the dog's teeth weekly.
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What should be included:
  • After examining the dog's teeth and administering anesthesia, the veterinarian removes tartar and plaque and smoothes the surfaces of the roots. If necessary, diseased gum tissue is removed. Then, the veterinarian polishes the teeth and rinses the mouth.
  • A fluoride treatment, which is sometimes included, can help minimize discomfort and harden enamel.
  • The veterinarian keeps a detailed chart of the dog's tooth problems -- such as missing, loose or fractured teeth and periodontal disease -- and procedures performed. Follow-up recommendations also should be provided.
  •[3] offers a step-by-step look and photos of the process.
Additional costs:
  • If the dog has advanced periodontal diseases, deep scaling and even surgery might be required.[4] has answers about periodontal disease. Early stage disease may require only a thorough cleaning, but late-stage surgery or extractions can cost $1,000 or more.
  • Some foods and treats can help to control plaque and tartar, which could help save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, if they are part of an overall plan that prevents periodontal disease. Dental diets cost about $30 for a 30-pound bag, or about $250 per year to feed a moderately active medium-sized dog. Treats can cost about $50 to $100 or more per year, depending on the type and frequency of use. The Veterinary Oral Health Council[5] provides a list of approved products.
Shopping for a dog teeth cleaning:
  • Any veterinarian can perform a teeth cleaning, but veterinary dentists are specialists. The American Veterinary Dental College[6] lists veterinary dentists by state.
  • Tip: Start regular exams, cleanings and brushing early in the dog's life.[7] offers a pet dental care guide.
  •[8] has a primer on the types and safety of pet anesthesia.
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Teeth Cleaning
Amount: $500.00
Posted by: Milo's family in San diego, CA.Posted: January 8th, 2015 06:01AM
Breed: Dachsund Beagle Chihuahua mixVet: Clairemont Village Pet Clinic
10 year old dog, bad breath, visible dark colored plaque build-up at gum lines, 1st ever cleaning. Here's the cost breakdown:
$80 Blood panel to clear him for procedure, $119 Anesthesia, $49 Dental prophy+polish, $23 Antibiotic injection, $41 Clavamox 125 mg, $75 SANOS application-per bottle, $19 Fluids IV procedure, $24 pre-anesthetic medication, $47 Catheterization, $4 Flouride treatment, $2 ProVseal application, $11 Surgical hazardous waste disposal
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Teeth Cleaning
Amount: $166.00
Posted by: DanielleRB in San Bernardino, CA.Posted: January 2nd, 2015 06:01PM
Breed: ChihuahuaVet: Arrowview Animal Clinic
I cannot believe the amount of vets that take advantage of people with the insanely high $$ cost of vet bills! I only paid $166 for my dog to get his teeth cleaned. They charge $98 for the procedure with no additional cost to pull any teeth. The additional cost were for blood testing, antibiotics and IV. My dog is almost 8 years old and their staff does an amazing job caring for him. By far the lowest prices I have ever found!! This cost is for January 2015!!
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Exorbitant charges for 2.5 year old Chi
Amount: $1,100.00
Posted by: Rescue Mom in Stead, NV.Posted: October 15th, 2014 10:10AM
Breed: ChiVet:
This is more than I can afford so I had to have them just scale and they said 1 tooth was loose and one might need to be removed at $50. Per tooth. I appreciate their training but it's rough on folks woth fixed incomes. I put some money aside every month for vet bills but this was way more than I could save.
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"Old Lady" teeth cleaning and extraction
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: samagliani in Killeen, TX.Posted: October 7th, 2014 02:10PM
Breed: YorkieVet: Banfield
Harley, who is 15, is still in surgery as I write this. The vet just called to give me an update on her condition. She will have to have 7 teeth extracted today. Several fell out during the cleaning. Will I be charged for those? They have also found 2 eupulis tumors in her mouth. We said to go ahead and remove those for pathology. We are hoping they are from the chronic irritation from the gum disease. I think my girl will have a rough few days ahead of her, but in the long run I would have spent my last dime making her better. Do I think it's expensive? Yes!!
Harley has had dental cleanings before and did very well. At the last one the vet recommended no more cleanings due to her age. Now we pay for that bad advice. If we had known he would have continued the cleanings. We love our girl and don't wish her any unnecessary pain. Good luck to all of you with your faithful friends and companions. Take care
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Shop around!
Amount: $190.00
Posted by: Jennylyn55 in Las Vegas, NV.Posted: October 4th, 2014 01:10PM
Breed: Terrier mixVet: Green Valley AH
My small terrier mix who weighs 15lbs cracked the large, triangular tooth in back. My regular vet quoted $450+ for one tooth to be extracted. I am a student and can't afford that high a price tag, but didn't want my pup to be in pain so I asked coworkers and friends for their vet's info. The price varies drastically so shop around and find a vet you are confident in. The lowest I was quoted was $137 and the highest was $600. I ended up paying $190 for anesthesia, cleaning, one extraction, antibiotics and pain medication.
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Dog Teeth Cleaning
Amount: $80.00
Posted by: Old cat juggler in , CO.Posted: September 5th, 2014 01:09PM
Breed: allVet:
Rescues usually require contracts that clearly spell out your responsibility for the animals wellbeing after adoption, NOT the other way around- cats and dogs are not under warranty. "Rescuing" any animal into a life of dirt-cheap treatment and neglect is animal abuse; neglecting care until problems create more expensive, even life-threatening complications, does not shift the responsibility onto the treating doctor (veterinarians attend a four-year medical program, not some six-week tech school).
I just retired from the field, luckily in an area where income and education levels can sustain quality treatment of animals; for the reader, cleaning w/o anesthesia is marginal at best, and with anesthesia competent dentistry is a huge bargain if its under $750. Subsidized shelters compromise local vets business, because people take advantage of cheap services offset by donations. Spays do not "cost" $15.
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Deep cleaning and extractions
Amount: $90.00
Posted by: Cocoa's Mom - Phyllis Rios in Lawrenceville, GA.Posted: August 23rd, 2014 01:08PM
Breed: ChihuahuaVet: Society of Humane Friends of Gwinnett Co
When we got our 4-year baby from someone she had horrible breath and our vet recommended a deep cleaning for $175. I checked around and the SOHFGA did the same procedure for $80. So I had them do it at the same time we had her spayed. They did an excellent job of cleaning and polishing her teeth. She has about 7 side teeth that had to be extracted due to periodontal disease, but they did not charge anything extra. The price included also a 10 day antibiotic. I paid only $10 more for a pain and anti-inflammatory shot for her. I was extremely please with the results and the price. It was August 2014 (not 2012).
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Quote at Veterinary "teaching" hospital
Amount: $1,100.00
Posted by: N. Stevens in Fort Collins, CO.Posted: July 22nd, 2014 02:07PM
Breed: Italian GreyhoundVet:
This the quote from CSU vet hospital for cleaning and extraction including blood work and anesthesia. I thought University teaching hospitals, being somewhat tax-payer supported would have a competitive price, at least less than the private sector-Nope! What are they "teaching the students? To gauge customers?
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16yr old mini poodle
Amount: $260.00
Posted by: Animallover in Virginia Beach, VA.Posted: April 24th, 2014 09:04PM
Breed: Mini poodleVet: Virginia Beach SPCA
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It\'s a racket.
Amount: $250.00
Posted by: Fred777 in Richomd, VA.Posted: August 26th, 2013 10:08AM
Never growing up 70s and 80s did we clean our dog's teeth and they all lived 13+ years. It's just a way for vets to extract money from you.
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Dog Teeth Extractions/Cleaning
Amount: $1,400.00
Posted by: CJ in New York, NY.Posted: August 16th, 2013 09:08AM
Breed: PomeranianVet:
Had 9 teeth extracted, plus some tests aside from bloodwork that probably were not absolutely necessary (dog is 9 years old). NYC vets are way overpriced (and I don't live in Manhattan).
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Dog teeth cleaning and extractions
Amount: $1,100.00
Posted by: M Sparks in atascadero, CA.Posted: August 5th, 2013 01:08PM
Breed: chi/jackVet: aaronian
Small 13 year old dog, Chihuahua/jack mix. Terrible breath. Ongoing problem with teeth. This time extensive cleaning and about 10 extractions. Vet swears that I will see a new dog in about a week or two. All that infection and pus and inflammation will be gone and he will live a long healthy life
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Dog Teeth Cleaning
Amount: $250.00
Posted by: Joey-D in madison, WI.Posted: April 9th, 2013 07:04AM
Breed: Daschund & BeagleVet: Banfield
I am set up with a plan that covers one teeth cleaning per year. I pay 32/month which is about 384 annually, but also covers all necessary shots(rabies, distemper, etc...)
The blood work is all covered, but anything above normal is extra. My dog is older so it is $25 for per-anethetic and tooth extractions are expensive. A premolar was quoted at 214 to remove, but we chose to cover it with an antibiotic gel for now since it wasn't extremley bad.($60)Since I am getting a cleaning every year, I can anticipate it for next year. He has had 22 teeth removed before, and the smaller/less important chewing teeth were 20-30 to remove each. some were $60.
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Amount: $820.00
Posted by: Love my baby in West bloomfield, MI.Posted: April 2nd, 2013 10:04PM
Breed: BrusselsGriffonVet:
My 9pounds 6 years old guy had 6 teeth removed and cleaning It is so over priced .they sad he was in pain and they had to give him more anesthetic Is an it strange, don't they now how much they should give from the beginning, so dog does not fill pain?And they do not charge so much ?My friend paid for her little dog cleaning and 7 teeth extraction $500 month ago .
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Teeth Cleaning
Amount: $286.53
Posted by: Mom2Daisy in Greencastle, PA.Posted: March 11th, 2013 06:03PM
Breed: Mixed Border CollieVet: Greencastle Veterinary Hosp.(D. Oliver)
March 2013_Waived the $83 pre-surgery bloodwork; Sedatives, pain killer, anesthesia inhalant:$125; Clean/polish: $77; Hospitalization: $29; Oravet:$56; Clindamycin for home $10. Dropped off a.m. and picked up p.m. Dog is whining, breathing coarse. Vet in Wisconsin charged ~$120 so must not have used so many drugs.
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cleaning, xrays& 1extraction
Amount: $513.00
Posted by: Mabel in North Royalton, OH.Posted: February 17th, 2013 04:02AM
Breed: Spanish water dogVet: N. Royalton Animal Hospital
Estimate is for $513 and $767 on the high side if they have to extract more than one tooth. This includes blood work before hand, heart monitoring by a specialist through out, medicine for after.rnThey seem to include a lot of extra charges and I thought it was very high until I looked on here. Think I will still shop around
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Cleaning with Iso
Amount: $160.00
Posted by: Pomeranian lover in Lindale, TX.Posted: January 30th, 2013 10:01PM
Breed: PomeranianVet: Renee Smith
Dental cleaning, Isoflurane anesthesia, used a Bairhugger under him for warmth. She takes excellent care of my dogs and is very personable.
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Teeth cleaning w anesthesia
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: Doglover in Dallas, TX.Posted: November 4th, 2012 09:11AM
Breed: ShihtzuVet:
I have my 4 year old on a wellness plan at Petsmart! They have a vet office there called bandied. The wellness plan is roughly 33$ a month for 12 months. It includes all shots,heart worm testing and two comprehensive exams every year, and free office visits. It includes one dental cleaning a year. I take we at 7am once a year they clean her teeth I pick her up around four and pay nothing out of pocket because I pay 33$ a month. Only thing I ever pay for besides monthly is her heartworm shot that cost 35 dollars and I get it done every six months! And if you ever need medicine if here sick you pay that out of pocket and its discounted for bein on a wellness plan! They're a great and treats my dogs like their own!!
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Teeth Cleaning with being put under.. Surprised Cost
Amount: $160.00
Posted by: MomofCoho in Burlington, WA.Posted: October 19th, 2012 08:10AM
Breed: Jack Russell MixVet: Chuckanut Vet in Burlington, WA
I took my dog Coho in and he is only about 3. They said he was already showing signs of dental disease. I have had other dogs and always lag on the dental cleaning. With this dog I promised I would not do that anymore because it leads to other issues like organ failure, teeth extractions, etc. They gave me a estimate at 285. I took him in vet prior for ring worm he picked up at dog park. They said if I get his blood drawn that day they would take 10$ off my bloodwork. If i booked my teeth in the next 30 days I would have 30 dollars off!! I didn't even come in with the intentions to do that so i booked it. I don't know how it went from 285 to 160 but I was amazed! They did a great job! They were voted the best vet in Burlington. The vet I visisted previously quoted me 480. I wasn't happy with them because he said it wasn't ring worm. I decided to go with the vet who actually did tests and found Coho's problem and thought they would be good to get a estimate for teeth and I am glad I did
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Teeth cleaning
Amount: $530.00
Posted by: Jacob F in Jersey City, NJ.Posted: May 22nd, 2012 07:05PM
Breed: Jack RussellVet:
Took my 5-year old Jack Russell to get her teeth cleaned today. The cost is apparently driven up by the cost of the anesthesia and by the several antibiotics prescriptions.

The bill originally presented to me was about $630. I had prepared myself for high costs, but this was higher than I had anticipated. I decided to forego the pre-procedure blood work to save $100. Another thing I could have cut but didn't was an IV with fluids during he procedure. As I recall, the vet tech explained that this would insure that my dog's blood pressure would not fluctuate much during the procedure. I was concerned and so I ended up paying for that.

Afterwords, I was worried that I had perhaps overpaid. I had stupidly not comparison-whopped beforehand. But seeing the coats that others are paying, it appears that any overpayment was minimal.

In the future however, I really need to check out the ASPCA or other low cost alternative as these bills are hitting me hard.
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dental cleaning and resultant asthma
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: TootFB in Memphis, TN.Posted: April 27th, 2012 11:04AM
Breed: WestieVet: don't want to say
My Westie, who is 12 and is blind from SARDS, developed asthma immediately after a dental procedure, and I was told by one of the vets that this is an occasional complication of a cleaning. Now she is on prednisone and doxycycline. Does anyone know how often this occurs?
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Teeth Cleaning, Anesthesia, Antibotics, 2 Extractions, etc.
Amount: $407.00
Posted by: a user in St. Louis, MO.Posted: April 23rd, 2012 08:04PM
Breed: beagle mixVet:
My dog is 10,and got hers done today. This included pre-surgery blood work-up. IVs, anesthesia, and injections of: propofol, morphine, and a couple others. Also brought home 6 pills (antibiotics) to give one daily. The regular price was $817, but she gave us a major discount (without us even asking) for being long time customers.
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