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Pet Monkey Cost

How Much Does a Pet Monkey Cost?

low costIndoor Cage: $650-$900average costOutdoor Cage: $1,300-$3,500high costMonkey: $4,000-$8,000 each
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Various species of monkeys, ranging in size from about one to three feet tall, are kept as pets. Chosen for their intelligence and companionship, it is for these characteristics that a primate is a both challenging and rewarding pet.

Typical costs:

  • Monkeys cost between $4,000 and $8,000 each, depending on the monkey's age, rarity and temperament. Younger, more rare and friendlier monkeys tend to cost more.
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What should be included:
  • Monkeys are a labor-intensive pet choice. It's much like owning a toddler for 20 to 40 years, which is their life expectancy. Homes must be monkey-proofed and care taken when visitors are present in the home, as monkeys are curious, mischievous and, at times, aggressive.
  • Most monkeys must be diapered or cleaned up after; fed, and played with often. Because of their curiosity, monkeys are considered endlessly entertaining and even thought provoking to their owners.
  • Unless a person in the house will spend most of their time at home, primate experts recommend owning more than one, as monkeys are prone to depression if left alone even for short periods of time.
  • Monkey owners say owning a monkey is a rewarding and enriching experience.
  • Squirrel monkeys are easier to handle than other species because they are smaller and not as strong as, for example, the capuchin. On the other hand, squirrel monkeys are less friendly than their larger counterparts, which range from one to two feet tall. Other common pet monkeys include spider monkeys, marmosets and macaques.
Additional costs:
  • Cage. Ready-made cages[1] can be purchased for between $650 to $900 for an indoor cage to $1,300 to $3,500 for an outdoor cage. Price depends on size and durability.
  • Habitat. A monkey cage should include a nesting box, branches, blankets and toys. Such supplemental items cost between $100 and $200.
  • Food. Most monkeys eat fruits and vegetables plus some animal protein, such as poultry, worms and insects. Fruits, vegetables and treats will cost about $25 per week for fruits, vegetables, and small insects.
  • Supplement whole foods with a commercially made monkey chow, which is similar to a dry dog or cat food but is specialized for monkeys. A 20-pound bag can be purchased for around $30 and should last for six months. This commercial food can be purchased at[2] . Download a fact sheet on primate diets from the Merck Veterinary Manual by visiting[3] . Click on the link located about halfway down the page.
  • Veterinary care. Finding an appropriate vet may be a challenge. provides a list of exotic veterinarians that can be searched by zip code or state.
  • Most primate owners choose to diaper their pets as they can't be easily or reliably house trained. A three to four month supply of diapers costs around $65.
Shopping for a pet monkey:
  • Select a breeder carefully, preferably one with a license from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
  • For a list of questions to ask of breeders and what to look for when shopping for a pet monkey, visit
  • Note that monkeys, like other exotic animals, are illegal in many cities and states, including California. Check local ordinances to see if monkey ownership is allowed and whether a permit is needed. Check the laws in different states using's interactive map[4]
  • Primate ownership is controversial. Several states ban owning a pet primate, including most recently Illinois[5] . This is partially because they can pass serious disease to humans, including Herpes B and tuberculosis. Take care to always get the recommended vaccinations for your pet and wash hands after handling it.
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What People Are Paying - Recent Comments
Amount: $900.00
Posted by: Camilla in Charlotte, NC.Posted: November 28th, 2018 07:11AM
Species: MonkeyAge: 1
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Amount: $0.00
Posted by: Corina Hurley in Pikeville, KY.Posted: September 21st, 2018 08:09AM
Species: AnyAge: Baby child
I am very experienced in working with child have 3 grown kids and worked with small children all my life. Also worked in wildlife mostly monkeys and ferrets. I'm 35 yrs old and want a new companion thinking monkey will b perfect!
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Looking to buy a monkey
Amount: $2,000.00
Posted by: Adelaida Medina in Indio, CA.Posted: August 27th, 2018 03:08PM
Species: Friendly monkeyAge:
My boyfriend is such an animale love he has saved so many animals and he's been wanting a monkey for ever. He has the biggest heart ever.looking to buy him one for his birthday in March
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
Amount: $250.00
Posted by: Domansherman in Athens, GA.Posted: August 14th, 2018 11:08PM
Species: BoyAge: 2
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baby bonnett capachin or Black top capachin monkey
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: Mobby in Fayetteville, NC.Posted: March 12th, 2018 05:03PM
Species: MonkeyAge: 1 to 8 weeks
I'm looking for a baby monkey. I have checked and have a permit to own one. Prefer a girl, but will take a male
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In needed of lil monkey
Amount: $285.00
Posted by: a user in Fort Worth, TX.Posted: January 8th, 2018 06:01AM
Species: N/AAge: 31
Look to grave and monkey not to wild okay one that just began born I don't and grolla trust me I can tell if it's wrong if none return the I know for sure the zoo can have it. Baby monkey 🐒.only
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My Experience
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: Oliver Sledge in Rex, GA.Posted: November 17th, 2017 08:11AM
Species: MonkeyAge: less than 10
I saw my sisters boyfriend with one and they look so cute so i wanted to see if i can get a free one too. And it was a boy
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Desiring a Capuchin Monkey for a Pet/Companion Near Phoenix, Arizona
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: Rob Meyers in Gilbert, AZ.Posted: January 22nd, 2017 09:01PM
Species: Capuchin MonkeyAge: Young
I,My 43-year-old wife, 11-year-old son, 77-year-old mother, 5-year-old female beagle (not completely sure about the beagle's "vote" on the subject) and I (52-year-old male) are interested in acquiring a young, female, Capuchin monkey for a pet (and/or companion). I have been doing research on the subject for the past several months, and now seems to be a good time to "make it happen." Also, considering that my dad passed away this past August, my mom has been very lonely since. I'm neither sure of the exact date when we would like add "her" to our family, nor the price we would feel comfortable paying to do so. I'm thinking the end of May//early June would be a good time, since my son would be finishing out his school year (5th grade). Again, the price would be (somewhat) negotiable. From everything I've read about Capuchins, they are (typically) socially active if you get them young enough. Our beagle is more timid than anything else, regarding how she would relate to a Monkey.
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Gift for babygirl
Amount: $1,000.00
Posted by: Cammy in Atlanta, GA.Posted: June 27th, 2016 06:06PM
Species: spider monkeyAge: 1 or 2
She wants a spider monkey
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Pet Monkeys
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: a user in Arrington, TN.Posted: February 22nd, 2016 06:02PM
Species: MacaqueAge: 25
Monkeys require alot of attention and love.I love my monkey and wouldn't take a million dollars for him.I have had him for 25 yrs.and he is truly my baby.He has his own room and a huge outside pen to play in.If you want a monkey,don't let anyone tell you not to get one.Just know they are alot of work.We ended up with nine and loved them all.
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Pet monkeys
Amount: $4,800.00
Posted by: Fat patty in Hobart, IN.Posted: July 20th, 2015 08:07PM
Species: Squirrel MonkeyAge: 2
This monkey is very playful and loves the backyard he enjoys jumping on the trampoline and playing in the playhouse espically climbing the small rock wall and the monkey bars
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Pet monkey
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: Mae in San Diego, CA.Posted: June 24th, 2015 03:06PM
Species: Spider monkeyAge: 5 or 7
I want a friendly monkey that my family can bond with
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Amount: $0.00
Posted by: Alex ousley in Paintsville, KY.Posted: May 8th, 2015 08:05AM
Species: MonkeyAge: 31
I'm interested in a spider monkey but I live in paintsville KY. I don't know if this state is the right environment for it??
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buying a pet monkey
Amount: $1,000.00
Posted by: Roslin mery in seremban, Other.Posted: April 4th, 2015 03:04AM
Species: any speciesAge: 2months-4months
I want male
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reply to smartenough to know wild's statement
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: someone with common sense in the books, MO.Posted: September 30th, 2014 09:09PM
Species: allAge: any
@ smartenough to know wild... whereu live suits you... think back in time, there was a point when a cat, dog, bird, fish, etc. Wasnt thought of as pets, but wild animals. So someone liking monkeys and wanting to own is no different than it was back then. So instead of posting ignorant, uneducated statements... y dont you go read up on something educational that interests you and let monkey lovers do the same... THANK YOU and have a wonderful day
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pet monkeys
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: smartenough to know wild animals dont make pets in moronland, AL.Posted: July 14th, 2014 08:07PM
Species: allAge: 2
Monkey's are not pets and belong in their own habitat. There is much proof of how they go crazy being kept as a pet and go crazy and become withdrawn and overly nasty why don't you try an elephant that would be nice too cause their just so cute until they grow up
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
my experience
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: hiaca in texas, KY.Posted: April 18th, 2014 05:04AM
Species: monkeyAge: 2
I don't have a monkey but my sisters friend in her class does and I was wondering is there a monkey for free that would make my sister so happy so if there is that would be great
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